Monday, July 2, 2012

siler city country club

if i remember correctly andy and barney used to go to siler city to a dance club? siler city was certainly mentioned on many occasions during the span of that awesome tv show.

i drove to siler city, but not to dance, but to play in a cga tournament. with this being another day with the heat index close to 115 i was very concerned about the conditions of the course and my hydration. you know how some courses seem to not care about us regular golfers and forget about the water?

well i am pleased to announce that siler city country club has a group of regular people running the place...and they know what they are doing! the course was fantastic, the fairways were in good shape and the greens were great. i think a sign at the clubhouse said they were rolling at a 9.5; and for 100+ days that is pretty darn fast. i got there a little early, as usual to find the folks had set up a hot dog buffet, do i need to say anything else? i mean these dogs were not your usual skinny little red dogs, they were big beefy dogs along with all the fixings. they had ice cold water on holes 1 and 10, not to mention all the other water that is usaully on the course...and they even gave us a sheet that told us where the water was located...and on 1 and 10 they had a cooler of frozen towels...i know right? frozen freakin towels, yes i did say siler city, not one of those fancy high dollar country clubs that we sometimes play and get the looks down the nose from the members... who obviously don't know they need our money for whatever reason. none of that in siler city, all regular people. i spoke with several of the folks who work there as well as some members who were there for the pool or whatever...all of them were 100% regular. hospitality is obviously a very important key to the success of the siler city country club.

not sure who the tour director was for this event, but he was a hoot! i have never been announced before i teed off on the first hole...until this event. he certainly knows what he is doing and made for a very fun tournament.

i would make the 2 hour drive again to play this course or just hang out in the clubhouse and eat a hot dog and drink a cold one.

goign to riverwood in clayton tomorrow, will report in on their conditon, until then dont forget to golf your balls.

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